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Plot SummaryBook Name
It's Junie B.'s first school day, and she likes it; but she hates the bus.
Junie B.'s mother gives birth to a baby boy, giving Junie B. her own 'monkey brother'.
Junie B.'s class is having 'Job Day' and everyone is excited : except for Junie B.
At the grocery store, Junie B. sees her Mrs. eating grapes that she did not purchase.
Carnival Night at school will be fun, but Junie B. is so determined to win at everything that she practices for it.......and doesn't win.
Junie B.'s constant bully, Jim, is having a birthday that he doesn't invite her to.
Junie B.'s friend, Lucille, makes a boyfriend who soon attracts Junie B.'s attention.
When Junie B. is told that a monster lurks under her bed, she takes desperate actions to kill it, which also causes her get less sleep.
When somebody steals her favorite mittens, Junie B. tries to get them back.
Junie B.'s friend Lucille invites Junie B. to spend the night at her Nanna's mansion.
Junie B. thinks she can be a Beauty Shop Guy, so she cuts her own hair, which turns out to be a disaster.
Junie B. thinks a fishstick is a pet and brings it to school for Pet Day.
Junie B.'s Aunt Flo is having a wedding, but Junie B. is not the flower girl.
Jim likes Junie B. so he sends her a special valentine. At the end she turns out it was from him.
Plot SummaryBook Name
Junie B.'s class is having a field trip to a farm but Junie B. has a problem with farms and barn animals.
Junie B.'s class is having a field day and guess who the captain is?
Junie B. is graduating from kindergarten! The long awaited day is finally here!
Junie B. becomes a first grader and gets glasses.
Junie B. helps around the cafeteria.
Junie B. loses her first tooth.
Junie B. copies off Mays homework.
Sheldon doesn't want to be in the band, so Junie B. does it all herself.
Junie B. plays a ship in a school play about Columbus.
At Halloween Junie B. tries to scare people because she thinks some of them are monsters.
Junie B.'s class has a secret Santa game and Junie B. has to get May something. Can coal be the answer?
Junie B. goes on vacation to Hawaii with her family.
Lucille is hosting an easter egg hunt and she is stuck wearing a Dumb Bunny costume.

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