Music from Disney's Tangled

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QuestionAnswer (all found in songs)Song in which you can find the answer
Fill in the blank: 'He's been living ________'Something that I Want
Fill in the blank: 'Just look at the world, so close, ___________'When Will my Life Begin (Reprise 2)
Flynn has dreams like the thugs, but 'much less __________'I've Got a Dream
How fast will Flynn leave Rapunzel, according to Mother Gothel?Mother Knows Best (Reprise)
Fill in the blank: 'Still a little sapling, __________'Mother Knows Best
Fill in the blank: 'Sweep again and by then it's like _____'When Will my Life Begin
What does Rapunzel do immediately after lunch?When Will my Life Begin
Fill in the blank: 'All that time, never _____ knowing'I See the Light
Who knits?I've Got a Dream
Fill in the blank: 'And the world __________'I See the Light

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