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(Number of Words) LyricsRemaining WordsFilm
(4) And then there is the youngestThe Little Mermaid
(7) Although you can't see it, you know they are smilingMary Poppins
(6) I may not be brave, or strong, or smart,The Lion King II
(6) Say Amen, there he goes again; sweet and undefeatedHercules
(6) One trick ahead of disaster,Aladdin
(7) Eagle help my feet to fly, mountain help my heart be great. Spirits of the Earth and sky,Pocahontas
(6) Yes I know I'm just an outcast, I shouldn't speak to you. Still I see your face and wonder,The Hunchback of Notre Dame
(5) I'll be king undisputed, respected, saluted, and seenThe Lion King
(8) I wonder if my heart keeps singing, will my song go winging, to someone, who'll find me,Sleeping Beauty
(6) Say a prayer, then we're there, at the drawbridge of a castle,Beauty and the Beast

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