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How many Episodes is Becketts Mother's murder mentioned?
How many Sunflowers were there in the murder of Flowers for your grave episode 1 season 1?
What floor was the Nanny's family living on in Nanny Mcdead season1 episode 2?
How many doctors where in the 'galaxy of Greg' in episode 5 season 3 'Anatomy of Murder'?
How many times is Castle's phone broken?
How old was Mathew 'Crow' Freeman when he witnessed his mother's murder in season 2 episode 6 vampire weekend?
What was the number in the name of the resturant in food to die for season 2 episode 22?
What time did the muder start in overkill episode 23 season 2?
What is the number written on one of the victims hands in episode 1 season 3 A deadly affair?
Trvia QuestionTrivia answer
What is kate's badge number?
How many women has 3XK killed in total including giving the gun?
How many lightbulbs did Lenny Levit or Lightbulb Len change in his lifetime?
How many couples did the victim in Nikki Heat episode 11 season 3 help to match up?
When was the bomb ste to go off in setup season 3 episode 17?
What was the number on Amir's phone in the setup season 3 episode 16?
How many times has Castle saved Becketts life through out all the seasons?
How many times has Beckett saved Castle's life throughout all of the seasons?

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