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QuestionNumberEpisode and Season
Kate Beckett's Badge Number
How many Derrick Storm novels are there?
How many Nikki Heat books are there(so far)?
How old was the secong victim Alyson Tisdale? Episode 1 Season 1 Flowers for your Grave
What floor did the nanny get off of the first time?Episode 2 Season 1 Nanny Mcdead
What floor did the nanny get off of the second time?Episode 2 Season 1 Nanny Mcdead
What was max's blood alcohol level at?Episode 3 Season 1 Hedgefund Homeboys
QuestionNumberEpisode and Season
How much did the black mailer want?Episode 4 Season 1 Hell Hath No Fury
How many years had the victim been in the frezer?Episode 5 Season 1 A Chill Runs Through Her Veins
Which of Castle's Derrick Storm books was the vodoo research for?Episode 6 Season 1 Always Buy Retail
How many fundraisers does the charity have a year?Episode 7 Season 1 Home Is Where the Heart Stops
How many minutes were the girls meant to have before the bomb went off?Episode 8 Season 1 Ghosts
How much money did the kidnappers want?Episode 9 Season 1 Little Girl Lost
What date was the surgery on Jimmy The Rat Maran?Episode 10 Season 1 Death In The Family

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