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Can you name the top 100 Countries with the most Immigrants?

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Number of ImmigrantsCountryLargest Immigrant Origins
45,785,090Mexico, China, India
11,048,064Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus
9,845,244Turkey, Poland, Russia
9,060,433Bangladesh, India, Philippines
7,826,981India, Pakistan, Philippines
7,824,131India, Pakistan, Ireland
7,439,086Algeria, Morocco, Portugal
7,284,069China, UK, India
6,468,640UK, New Zealand, China
6,466,605Romania, Morocco, UK
5,721,457Romania, Morocco, Albania
5,338,486Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
5,151,378Russia, Romania, Belarus
4,080,766Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran
3,896,533Mongolia, South Korea, Japan
3,721,735Cambodia, Malaysia, China
3,476,233Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine
2,925,780Palestine, Iraq, Armenia
2,649,516Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iraq
2,469,173China, India, Philippines
2,446,171Burkina Faso, Ghana, Guinea
2,437,169China, South Korea, Philippines
2,399,238Zimbabwe, Nigeria, India
2,335,059Italy, Germany, Portugal
2,323,252China, Malaysia, India
2,046,873Russia, Morocco, Iraq
2,029,053India, Egypt, Bangladesh
1,964,922Turkey, Morocco, Indonesia
1,885,678Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile
1,854,899Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia
1,600,955India, Pakistan, Iran
1,530,025Finland, Iraq, Poland
1,445,103China, Vietnam, USA
1,396,154Pakistan, India, Myanmar
Number of ImmigrantsCountryLargest Immigrant Origins
1,394,227Armenia, Turkey, Greece
1,333,807Turkey, Serbia, Germany
1,266,278Russia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan
1,233,592Ghana, Togo, Benin
1,171,331Lebanon, China, Colombia
1,159,801Morocco, Turkey, France
1,132,828UK, China, India
1,112,032India, Bangladesh, Pakistan
1,103,460USA, Guatemala, Spain
1,085,396Russia, Poland, Ukraine
988,245Albania, Iraq, Turkey
921,247India, Bhutan, Pakistan
955,452Somalia, Ethiopia, India
893,847Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola
756,980Serbia, Italy, Albania
755,974Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan
735,535UK, Poland, USA
729,537India, Bangladesh, Pakistan
718,241Somalia, Eritrea, Egypt
696,983Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria
694,508Poland, Sweden, Somalia
663,755Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine
629,577Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia
599,638Portugal, Japan, Italy
556,825Turkey, Somalia, Iraq
532,547Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia
531,401Kenya, Sudan, India
472,798Romania, Germany, Slovakia
452,406DRC, Uganda, India
446,924Central African Republic, Namibia, Belgium
446,707Egypt, Eritrea, Somalia
441,251Nigeria, Niger, Sudan
439,116Germany, Poland, Hungary
431,470DRC, Cameroon, Gabon
Number of ImmigrantsCountryLargest Immigrant Origins
419,572Nicaragua, Colombia, Spain
402,506Haiti, Cuba, Spain
398,251Peru, Argentina, Bolivia
394,593Cameroon, Republic of Congo, France
391,508Ukraine, Russia, Romania
378,464Sierra Leone, Liberia, France
360,992Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique
359,315Lebanon, USA, Spain
358,829Nigeria, China, UK
324,977India, Malaysia, UK
323,843Armenia, Russia, Turkey
317,001Russia, Ukraine, Iran
314,683Somalia, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia
312,778Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi
297,448Palestine, Sudan, Libya
295,433China, India, Malaysia
293,167Russia, Estonia, Somalia
291,792Nigeria, Gabon, Republic of Congo
282,887Russia, Belarus, Ukraine
275,735Uzbekista, Kyrgyzstan, Russia
270,407Morocco, Tunisia, France
256,517Poland, Romania, Morocco
245,477DRC, Rwanda, Tanzania
234,241Brazil, Nigeria, Lebanon
233,293Serbia, Croatia, Hungary
229,409Portugal, Italy, France
226,960Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan
226,327Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan
225,484Mali, Ivory Coast, Lebanon
218,881South Africa, India, Portugal
213,150China, USA, Japan
209,984Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

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