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CharacteristicAnimalGeneral Classification
animal with a blue tonguemammal
another animal with a blue tonguereptile
has 3 eye lidsmammal
has a memory of 3 secondsfish
this semi-aquatic rodent can hold its breath for 45 minutesrodent
the only bird that can fly backwardsbird
this bird's beak may be longer than its bodybird
this bird eats rattlesnakes whole and runs 15 mphbird
this male fish attaches itself and is metabolically dependent on the female for lifefish
has 35 blue eyesmollusc
has an average of 248 muscles in its headinsect
reptile that often swallows rocks wholereptile
CharacteristicAnimalGeneral Classification
has 4 nosesmollusc
has 1 lungreptile
water animal with 2 heartsfish
can sleep for 3 years without eatingmollusc
has a tongue 1.5 times the length of its bodyreptile
common fluffy pet's teeth never stop growingmammal
can shoot blood from its eyeamphibian
its spray shoots 2 yards but can be smelled 2 miles awaymammal
can jump 50 times its heightinsect
can have up to 20 heartsinvertebrate
humans could swim through their arteriesmammal
they overheat at temperatures above 10 degrees C (50 degrees F), and are nearly invisible under infrared photographymammal

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