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We meet him in the original Stargate movie.Goa'uld
Kind of an over-the-top, cliché bad guy. Black cloak, oily skin, kind of spooky.Goa'uld
She took over Sam Carter's body for a short time.Tok'ra
Likes to do scientific experiments. Can become invisible.Goa'uld
Oversaw the Atoneek armband experiment in 'Upgrades'Tok'ra
Had a cult following on Earth. Sam killed him with a ribbon device.Goa'uld
Became very interested in Sam, partly because his girlfriend lived inside of her head for awhile.Tok'ra
O'Neill discovered he was a spy by finding a communication device in his belongings.Tok'ra
Was stuck in a jar for quite a while. Decided Daniel's ex-girlfriend was a good host.Goa'uld
She was among those that attended the system lords' summit. Accuses Olokun of being behind the attacks on the system lords.Goa'uld
As a symbiote, he tricked his Jaffa into thinking he had changed sides. Ended up working for Anubis.Goa'uld
Teal'c carried him around for quite a while.Goa'uld
Agreed to an alliance with the Tau'ri because Sam's father agreed to become a host.Tok'ra
Blended with Jacob Carter. One of the oldest and wisest of his kind.Tok'ra
Created clones of himself. Worked with SG-1 briefly to find the SangraalGoa'uld
The mother of all Tok'ra. Used for scientific purposes before being discovered.Tok'ra
Was implanted in O'Neill to save his life. Used him for his own purposes.Tok'ra
Helped Teal'c destroy Sokar's base. Died in the attack on Ravanna.Tok'ra
Helped to negotiate the terms of Earth's involvement in the protected planets treaty. Killed by Replicator Carter.Goa'uld
Designed the Great Pyramids on Earth. Pretended to be a leader of the rebel Jaffa.Goa'uld
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