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Can you name the Who Killed Who: Buffy?

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KakistosSeason 3
Joyce SummersSeason 5
Buffy (2nd Time)Season 5
Nikki WoodSeason 7
Tara MaclaySeason 6
DarlaSeason 1
Maggie WalshSeason 4
Principal FlutieSeason 1
AdamSeason 4
Xander's EyeSeason 7
Jenny CalendarSeason 2
CalebSeason 7
Mr. TrickSeason 3
Deputy Mayor Allan FinchSeason 3
AngelSeason 2
SpikeSeason 7
HalfrekSeason 7
KendraSeason 2
Warren MearsSeason 6
Mayor WilkinsSeason 3
AnyaSeason 7
GlorySeason 5
Jonathan LevinsonSeason 7
The MasterSeason 1
Principal SnyderSeason 3
Buffy (1st Time)Season 1
The Anointed OneSeason 2

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