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Can you name the movie by the actor who travelled through time?

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Forced Order
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Bruce Campbell1992
Charlton Heston1968
Eric Bana2009
Michael Angarano2008
William Hurt1998
Martin Lawrence2001
Jean Reno2001
Rob Corddry2010
Eric Bana2009
Bill Murray1993
Tim Allen1999
Guy Pearce2002
Arnold Schwarzenegger1984
Mark Wahlberg2001
Jean-Claude Van Damme1994
Robert Patrick1991
Keanu Reeves1989
Jake Gyllenhaal2001
Adam Sandler2006
Hugh Jackman2001
Daniel Radcliffe2004
Ashton Kutcher2004
Bruce Willis1995
Patrick Stewart1996
Mike Myers1999
Michael J. Fox1985
Paul Walker2003

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