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Can you name the movies that have been remade in the last 10 years?

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Lead ActorMovieYear
Lon Chaney1925
Gregory Peck1976
Sidney Poitier1967
George Romero (Director)1978
Frank Sinatra1962
Ralph Macchio1984
Frank Sinatra1960
Burt Reynolds1974
Fay Wray1933
Dudley Moore1981
Rutger Hauer1986
Charlton Heston1971
Glenn Ford1957
Sylvester Stallone1975
James Stewart1965
Gunnar Hansen1974
Kurt Russell1982
Jamie Lee Curtis1978
Gene Hackman1972
Carol Kane1979
Charlton Heston1968
Charles Bronson1972
Lead ActorMovieYear
James Brolin1979
Chris Sarandon1985
Ricki Lake1988
Michael Caine1966
Mel Brooks1968
Donald Sutherland1978
Edward Woodward1973
Terry O'Quinn1987
John Carpenter (Director)1976
Jamie Lee Curtis1980
Lon Chaney Jr.1941
Robert Englund1984
Gene Wilder1971
Betsy Palmer1980
John Wayne1969
Harry Hamlin1981
Gary Cooper1936
Walter Matthau1974
Michael Caine1969
Michael Rennie1951
John Wayne1960
Richard Roundtree1971

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