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Can you name the answers to these Big Lebowski trivia questions?

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The title of the adult film starring Bunny
The title of the film in the Dude's dream starring him and Maude
The amount of the check the Dude writes in the opening scene
Bunny's last name (as shown in the adult film)
Bunny's actual last name
Bunny's home state
The name of Walter's ex-wife
The name of her boyfriend
The breed of their dog
The name of the Nihilists' band
The name of Maude's friend, the video artist
The band for which the Dude was a roadie
The Dude's drink of choice
The name of the bowling alley bartender
The band whose tapes the Dude has in his car
The man responsible for 'micturating' on the Dude's rug
The man who steps 'over the line' while bowling
What you are entering when you mess with Walter
The name of Lebowski's youth program
One of the Dude's least favorite bands
How all of Walter's 'buddies' died
The name of Jesus' bowling partner
Donny's favorite activity outside of bowling
The name of the adult film mogul
The person responsible for the loss of Lebowski's legs
The fast food restaurant Donny wants to go to
The kid who supposedly stole the Dude's car
His father, the famous screenwriter
The show for which he wrote
The type of sarsparilla offered to the Stranger
The two colors of Walter's bowling ball
The animal that the Nihilists drop in the Dude's tub
What the Dude refers to the animal as
The word used multiple times by the police chief when referring to the Dude
The weapon yielded by the tall Nihilist
What the Dude thinks a 'brother shamus' is
Ten percent of half a million, to the Dude
The song blasting in Bunny's car as we see she has all ten toes
Walter sure as s**t doesn't roll on Saturdays because he is this
The name on the last shirt the Dude wears
The only scene in which the Dude does not appear
The name of Walter's company
The day of the month on which the Dude's rent is due

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