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Can you name the terms or phrases that contain the word 'first'?

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To make sure something is done in the right order, you may say this
Kissing is also known as this sports term
When someone does something they've never done before, you might say this
The freedom of speech is part of this
The title of a famous Abbott and Costello act
This phrase describes the idea of covering something entirely
The beginning to a phrase that ends with 'try, try again.'
Neil Armstrong is famous for being this
Those without sin are told to do this
Delaware is known as this
After Kindergarten, you graduate to here
A new set of downs in football starts with this
This means that people will be helped in the order they arrive
A phrase describing the thing you do the moment you wake up
The phrase that Ricky Bobby lives by
If you know someone really well, you may be 'on' this with them
In baseball, his fielding position number is 3
A rule of etiquette regarding females
You don't get a second chance to do this
Some say love can be found here
A possible response to 'See you later.'
If you're trigger happy, you may do this
The starters on any sports team are collectively known as this
When you experience something yourself, you experience it like this
The title of a Foreigner track released in 1977
The beginning of a phrase that ends with 'the chicken or the egg?'
The most expensive tickets on a plane are for this section
A 2004 comedy starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore

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