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Can you name the obscure Coen brothers movie trivia answers?

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The type of movie Barton is hired to writeBarton Fink
The record that Larry is told he has to pay forA Serious Man
What Gaear insists on eatingFargo
The adult film starring Bunny and UliThe Big Lebowski
What Norville must deliver to MussburgerThe Hudsucker Proxy
What Anton Chigurh eats at the gas stationNo Country for Old Men
The name of the law firmIntolerable Cruelty
The name of the department storeThe Man Who Wasn't There
Nathan Arizona's furniture storeRaising Arizona
The disease that Pancake suffers fromThe Ladykillers
The state in which the story takes placeBlood Simple.
What Bernie implores Tom to do before he kills him (quote)Miller's Crossing
The name of the bowling alleyThe Big Lebowski
Everett's favorite hair jellyO Brother Where Art Thou
The name of the gymBurn After Reading
Ned Pepper's nicknameTrue Grit
The studio that hire BartonBarton Fink
Norville's hometownThe Hudsucker Proxy
The item that kills Leonard SmallsRaising Arizona
The name of the hitman Miles hiresIntolerable Cruelty
The 'new technology' in which Ed decides to investThe Man Who Wasn't There
Everett tries to prove to his wife that he is this two word termO Brother Where Art Thou
What Harry always wants to do after sexBurn After Reading
The school to which Mrs. Munson donates moneyThe Ladykillers
What Mattie loses as a result of being snake bitTrue Grit

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