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The name of Ra's Al Ghul's gangBatman Begins
Tha magazine the girls buy from the quick stopDeath Proof
The name of the casinoOcean's 13
The code word sent via text at the beginning of the filmCasino Royale [2006]
Toothless is this type of dragonHow to Train Your Dragon
The name of the company who is chasing DiCaprio's characterInception
Brad Pitt plays one of these camper dwelling individualsSnatch.
The name of the boy Schmidt sponsorsAbout Schmidt
The title of Charlie's brother's scriptAdaptation.
The name given to the bearThe Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
The title of Barton's hit playBarton Fink
The highway you end up on after being in John's headBeing John Malkovich
Where the diamonds are hiddenOut of Sight
The number of Tom's character's carDays of Thunder
The name of the Afghanistanimation monkeySuper Troopers
The President's first nameDr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
She plays the voice of the ambulance dispatcherBringing Out the Dead
Jenny was a criminal disguised as a housemaid and given this nicknameGangs of New York
The name of the restaurant where Vincent and Mia eatPulp Fiction
Fielding Mellish becomes dictator of this fictional countryBananas
The name of the coffee shop where the massacre takes placeL.A. Confidential
The name of the team that Kit gets traded toA League of Their Own
Indiana Jones' real first nameRaiders of the Lost Ark
Brennan has this celebrity's autograph on his samurai swordStep Brothers
The name of the dogMarley and Me

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