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Can you name the movies whose titles are the name of a character from that movie?

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Lead ActorMovie TitleYear
Slyvester Stallone2006
Tom Hanks1994
Tom Hanks2011
Jon Heder2004
Julia Roberts2000
George Clooney2007
Derek Luke2002
John Turturro1991
Liam Neeson1993
Liam Neeson1996
Diane Keaton1977
Denzel Washington1992
Tom Cruise1996
Ryan Reynolds2002
Tom Cruise2012
Charlize Theron2005
Vince Vaughn2007
Johnny Depp1990
Lead ActorMovie TitleYear
Johnny Depp1994
Johnny Depp1997
Russell Crowe2010
Warren Beatty1990
Anton Yelchin2007
Zac Efron2010
Kirsten Dunst2006
Gérard Depardieu1990
Jake Gyllenhaal2001
Pam Grier1997
Adam Sandler1995
Adam Sandler1996
Jamie Bell2000
Rowan Atkinson2003
Taylor Kitsch2012
Mia Wasikowska2011
Barney Clark2005
Ryan O'Neal1975

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