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Can you name the movies whose titles contain the numbers 1-50*?

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1Jack Nicholson
2Al Pacino
3George Clooney
4Hugh Grant
5Jack Nicholson
6Will Smith
7Steve McQueen
8David Arquette
9Bruce Willis
10Heath Ledger
11Matt Damon
12Henry Fonda
13Tom Hanks
14Colin Hanks
15Robert DeNiro
16Molly Ringwald
17William Holden
18George Burns
19Harrison Ford
20Brendan Frasier
21Sean Penn
22Alan Arkin
23Jim Carrey
24James Marsden
25Edward Norton
27Katherine Heigel
28Cillian Murphy
29Chris O'Donnell
30Josh Hartnett
33Leslie Nielsen
34Maureen O'Hara
35Alex Descas
36Gerard Depardieu
37Michelle Pfeiffer
39Renee Zelwegger
40Josh Hartnett
42Jennifer O'Neill
44Ray Winstone
45Renee Zellweger
46Tim Robbins
48Eddie Murphy
49John Travolta
50Adam Sandler

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