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QUIZ: Can you name the words that begin and end with the same letter, A to Z?

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electromagnetic wave transducer or sensing organa
source of light or part of plantb
stand-up funny guy or funny pagesc
comic strip character or sandwichd
two better than par or type of birde
navel lint or marshmallow cremef
live musical performance or carriageg
to brood or ploth
promised land recipient i
small human propelled boatk
identifying tag or brand of music recordingj
alkaline earth metalm
person, place, or thingn
herb or web browsero
to look slyly or marshmallow birdp
Azerbaijani currencyq
system to detect radio waves or character in M*A*S*Hr
exceptionally holy beings or New Orleans teams
a battle cry or insulting gibet
Inuit knife with semicircular bladeu
sixth letter of hebrew alphabetv
type of tree or George Lucas film starring Val Kilmerw
copying maching or to make a copyx
very pleasing to the senses or deliciousy
ancient Hebrew silver coinz

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