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Everything around us.
An interdisciplinary study of how humans interact with the living and nonliving parts of their environment.
The biological science that studies how organisms interact with one another and their environment.
Living things
A group of organisms that have a unique set of characteristics that distinguish them from all other organisms.
Set of organisms within a defined area that interact with each other and their environment of nonliving matter and energy.
What are the three principles of sustainability?
Wealth that results in high levels of consumption and unnecessary waste of resources, based mostly on the assumption that buying more and more material goods will bring fulfillment
Capable of being broken down by decomposers.
Material that can be broken down into simpler substances (elements and compounds) by bacteria or other decomposers. Paper and most organic wastes such as animal manure are biodegra
Variety of different species, genetic variability among individuals within each species, variety of ecosystems, and functions such as energy flow and matter cycling needed for the
Resource that is owned jointly by a large group of individuals.
Whole of a society’s knowledge, beliefs, technology, and practices.
Time it takes (usually in years) for the quantity of something growing exponentially to double. It can be calculated by dividing the annual percentage growth rate into 70.
It is a measure of the average environmental impact of populations in different countries and areas.
Point at which an environmental problem reaches a threshold level, which causes an often irreversible shift in the behavior of a natural system.
Improvement of human living standards by economic growth.
Increase in the capacity to provide people with goods and services; an increase in gross domestic product (GDP).
Natural resources, capital goods, and labor used in an economy to produce material goods and services.
Natural services or natural capital that support life on the earth and are essential to the quality of human life and the functioning of the world’s economies.
Reducing or eliminating the unnecessary waste of energy.
Depletion or destruction of a potentially renewable resource such as soil, grassland, forest, or wildlife that is used faster than it is naturally replenished. If such use continue
Human beliefs about what is right or wrong with how we treat the environment.
Worldview holding that humans are part of and totally dependent on nature and that nature exists for all species, not just for us. Our success depends on learning how the earth sus
Set of assumptions and beliefs about how people think the world works, what they think their role in the world should be, and what they believe is right and wrong environmental beh
Society that meets the current and future needs of its people for basic resources in a just and equitable manner without compromising the ability of future generations of humans an
Growth in which some quantity, such as population size or economic output, increases at a constant rate per unit of time
Annual market value of all goods and services produced by all fi rms and organizations, foreign and domestic, operating within a country
People who get their food by gathering edible wild plants and other materials and by hunting wild animals and catching fish.
Curve with a shape similar to that of the letter J; can represent prolonged exponential growth.
Country that has low to moderate industrialization and low to moderate per capita GDP
Growth in which a quantity increases by some fixed amount during each unit of time.
Country that is highly industrialized and has a high per capita GDP.
Use of an ecosystem such as a forest for a variety of purposes such as timber harvesting, wildlife habitat, watershed protection, and recreation.
Renewable resources such as plants, animals, and soil provided by natural capital.

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