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Forced Order
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I've had to go the doctor about my eyes. I _______ at least 6 hours a day in front of my computer
If you want to get to college quicker, _______ time: don't drive, buy a bike!
I don't get home till 10 o'clock every night, so I ______ the free time I have at weekends
If you're thinking of going to see the new Bond movie, don't bother. It's _____ a of time.
Sorry I wasn't able to get that book for you. I just ______ time.
Can you _____ a minute or two? I just want to ask you something.
I'm sorry I can't _____ the time right now. I've got a plane to catch.
I work long hours so the time I spend with my family is very _____ to me.
I hate airports. You _____ so much time just queuing!
I think we should hurry up. We're _____ time.
There's _____ of time. Don't worry! The train doesn't leave for an hour.
There's no way I can ______ the time to see you before the end of the week.
I seem to ______ all my time dealing with other people's mistakes.
I'm sorry I just can't ______ the time at the moment
Could you ______ me a minute or two?
Stop ______ your time! Get on with your work.
Why not ring the helpline? It'll ______ you hours trying to solve the problem on your own.
We'd better get a taxi to the station. We're ______ of time.
Sales are up! That means we're definitely ______ our main competitors. They'll soon be trying to take us over!
It looks as if we are going to be closed down. We don't want to ______ so why don't we try to organise a management buy-out?
Our image is too old-fashioned. We need to modernise our product range in order to ______ our market position. Otherwise, we'll lose it!
It was obvious that Smiths would close down. They were ______ by big modern supermarkets with more buying power.
In order to expand in the Middle East, we've ______ with a company who have been working successfully in the region for over 20 years.
The new advertising campaign has been a huge success. We've been ______ with thousands of new enquiries
I think the boss is in a bad mood. Just get on with your work and ______
We have ______ a 10% increase in turnover this year
Promotions and Marketing are having their usual ______ with the Finance Director over next year's advertising budget.
If you park in the Manager's space, you'll soon get your ______ !
Luke was late again this morning. He's brilliant at his job, but if he's not careful, he'll get the sack. He's his ______
If you don't set ______ , you never know if you haven't achieved them!
Exporting to some countries can be a ______ - corrupt customs officials, endless paperwork and red tape, and slow communications.
Because we had to lay off 500 people, we've ______ in the press.
We need a more aggressive marketing policy if we want to ______ a bigger share of the market. Look at Nike. They're everywhere!
Small businesses are always the first ______ in a recession.
______ ground
______ targets
______ market share
______ your sights on
______ up without a fight
______ your market position
______ a lot of flak
______ forces with
Doesn't Ian work here any more? > Oh, no. He ______ when he turned up late three days running.
Where's Helen? > She's just popped out for something. She asked me to ______ the till she got back.
I thought Mark was very rude to you in the meeting this morning. > Yes, I think he's _______ for some reason. I don't think he likes the fact that our department is so successful
Do you think I should drop my ideas for the new office? > No, I think you're right. You should ______. Don't give in.
What's it like working for your father? > Worse than I thought! If I ______ , he's tougher on me than on anyone else in the company.
Why are you so angry? You know I disagree with you. > But you didn't need to ______ in front of everyone else!
The new product range really has taken off, hasn't it? > Yes, it's ______
I know you don't like writing, but I need someone to write a short report of last night's meeting. Do you think you could have a go? > OK. I'll _______, but I'm not promising anyth
Ben and Ian were having a heated argument about something. I decided to leave the room as I didn't want to _______
Gill is very ambitious. She has ______ running her own company by the time she's 30, and I think she'll do it! She's that sort of person
You've met Pete before, haven't you? He's my _______
Sarah and Ewan are business partners, but she's the one who ______
Mike's in a dreadful mood. Everything's gone wrong. If I were you, I'd _________ for a while until things have quietened down.
One of the major supermarket chains has ______ with the others and agreed that UK food prices are higher than any other country in Europe.
Make sure you put the details on paper and let your head of department have a copy. It's always best to ______
Lunch can't go on for ever! Come on, everyone, _______
CITY JOY AS SHARE PRICES ______ (go up very fast)
BANK OF ENGLAND IS ______ WITH INDUSTRY (going to disagree strongly)
ECONOMY BACK ______ (going in the right direction again)
FLOTATION FAILS TO ______ (unsuccessful start)
CITY PANIC AS PROFITS ______ (go down very fast)
There is ________ in financial markets at present
We claim the Government's Back-to-Work Plan has never ________
Several Asian currencies are ________ to their lowest levels this year.
The market is in ________
Japan has proposed an aid package to help Asian economies ________ recession.
Despite the present difficulties, economists think the British economy will make a ________ in the autumn.
1)Financial institutions around the world are panicking after yesterday's ______ on Wall Street.
2) Share prices ________
3) as banks and lending institutions struggled to ________
4) of the downward ________
5) At the close of trading, the President announced that measures were being taken to ______ the situation
6) and get the economy ________
7) Here in the UK, amid fears that interest rates will go _______ through the roof
8) the Chancellor gave assurances that the home economy was still _______
9) but that progress might be _______
10) by the adverse _______ affecting other major economies
11) After a ______ day's trading he said
12) he was confident that Britain could _______ clear of the US disaster
Good news for investors. Interest rates are ______
Bad news for borrowers. Interest rates are ______
Good news for industry. Interest rates are ______
The rescue plan never really ______
We are trying to get the economy ______
There is at least one Asian economy which has plummeted ______ control
Industry is finally _______ recession.
The latest figures show the economy is _____ course to achieve Government targets.
You're late. Did you miss the train? > Yes, I didn't leave the office till six. I'm ______ in work at the moment
How was your first day at work? > Really boring. I had nothing to do. I just sat at my desk ______
Bill wants to know if you can spend some time training the new secretary. > I'm afraid I haven't got a minute - I can't. I've already got ______
You look tired. Are you OK? > Yes, I just need to get to bed earlier. I've been ______ recently - late nights and early starts.
Come in. Sit down, make yourself at home. > Thanks. I need a rest. I've been ______ all day.
So, I'm going to spend the whole weekend painting the outside of the house. > Do you want some help? My boyfriend's away so I'm ______ this weekend.
Do you and Paul share the cooking and cleaning? > You must be joking. He never ______!
My sister's three children are coming to stay with me this weekend. > You'll ______. Rather you than me!
Everything's gone wrong today, hasn't it? > Yes, it's been _______
Shall we go for a drink after work? > No thanks. I'm tired, I've been ______ all day
So, is Wednesday a good day for you? > No, but I can _______ on Thurdsay
Have you had many customers today? > No, it's been ______
You've had a lot of customers in this morning, haven't you? > Yes, We've been _______
Can I talk to you about a problem that's just come up? > Sorry, I'm _______ after lunch
Imagine just putting letters in envelopes all day. What _______ !
It's going to be a busy year for us. We've got two major projects to finish and an even bigger one _______
Marks and Spencers are opening _______ in town next summer.
I just had a really good job interview. I'm on _______ of five.
Where is there to go once you've reached _______?
A lot of people are happy with _______ even if it isn't very interesting. The main thing is the security it offers
_______ a name for yourself
_______ the career ladder
_______ staff
_______ the boat
_______ someone the ropes
can't _______ the pace
_______ a job down
_______ down someone's neck
_______ your feet
_______ over someone's head
_______ a job
_______ for somebody
Do you think it's worth me doing a part-time MBA? It's a lot of work. > It depends how much you want to _______
My new job's OK but there are lots of things I'm still not used to. > That's normal. It always takes a few months before you really _______
I suppose your busiest time is around Christmas, isn't it? > Yes, we always _______ extra _______ just for that period
Are you working late again tonight? > I'm afraid so. Peter's _______ for last month's sales figures. They've got to be ready for tomorrow morning's meeting
I'm going to have a word with Jack and try to change my holidays. > Jack's on a course this week and Marie is _______ so you'd better wait till he gets back. You know what she's li
You know Frank's not going to put your idea on the agenda for tomorrow's meeting, don't you? > Isn't he? In that case I'll have to _______ and talk to his head of department.
I bumped into Paul last week. He's just started a new job selling insurance. > I wonder how long that'll last. He can't _______ for longer than six months.
Where's Andrew working nowadays? > Haven't you heard? He's just _______ a great _______ with that new American bank in the City.

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