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beautified diversity functioning as one body every part encouraged by the other no one independent of another irriplaceable indespencable your incredible incredible
theres only artificial light here my flaws hide well here i used to be afraid of cluttered noises now im afraid of silence
no man shows greater love than when a man lays down his life for his beloved i left his arms empty and tied outstreched for me until he died
here you are down on your knees again trying to find air to breathe again and only surrender will help you now
sometimes im a selfish fake your always a true friend and i dont deserve you cause im not there for you please forgive me again
here i stand empty hands wishing my wrists were bleeding to stop the pain from the beating and there you stood holding me waiting for me to notice you
i will break into your thought with whats written on my heart i will break break im so sick infected with where i live let me live without this ill take this selfishness
all your twisted thoughts free flow to everlasting memorie show soul kiss the stars with me and dread the wait for stupid call returning us to life we say to those who are in love
telling laylas story spoken about how all her bones are broken hammers fall on all the piesces two months in the cover creaces
break up already wake up now walk away take it all back now dont be quick to lick the scab off your spitting in his face with the rest of them
somethings missing in me i felt it deep within me as lovers left me to bleed alone
close your eyes pretty girl cause its easier when you brace yourself set your thougts on a world so far off where we only cry from joy
sometimes life seems too quiet into paralyzing silence like the moonless dark meant to make me strong
you try your hardest to perfect your explinations you lie until theyve run out of questions you can only move as fast as whos in front of you and if you assume just like them what
the question asked in order to save her life or take it the answer no to avoid death the answer yes would make it make it do you believe in god written on the bullet say yes to pul
i dont know who i am anymore not once in life have i been real but ive never felt this close before ive been looking through your window ive been dressing in your clothes
i can feel you all around me thickening the air im breathing holding onto what im feeling savoring this heart thats healing

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