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Block 1
The Crucible - The Boxer - Last of the Mohicans 
The Box - Minority Report - Vanilla Sky 
Taken - Clash of the Titans - Love Actually 
Block 2
Forrest Gump - The Green Mile - Reindeer Games 
Twister - Titanic - True Lies 
Hollow Man - Mystic River - Footloose 
Block 3
Swingers - The Break Up - Dodgeball 
Behind Enemy Lines - Marley & Me - Meet the Parents 
Sherlock Holmes - Mean Girls - State of Play 
Common Movie 1
Block 1 Common Movie 
Common Movie 2
Block 2 Common Movie 
Common Movie 3
Block 3 Common Movie 
Block 4
We Own The Night - Boogie Nights - The Happening 
Batman - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 
Dogma - Oceans 11 - Rounders 
Block 5
Pearl Harbor - Red Planet - Get Carter 
Basic - Lost in Translation - Public Enemies 
Fast and the Furious - The Pacifier - XXX 
Block 6
Funny People - 50 1st Dates - Mr. Deeds 
Knight Rider - Baywatch - Americas Got Talent 
Superbad - Knocked Up - Accepted 
Common Movie 4
Block 4 Common Movie 
Common Movie 5
Block 5 Common Movie 
Common Movie 6
Block 6 Common Movie 
Block 7
Beetle Juice - Notting Hill - The Juror 
Haunted - Underworld - Serendipity 
Mash - What Women Want - Canadian Bacon 
Block 8
The Wedding Singer - Little Nicky - The Critic 
Truth or Dare - Evita 
Angie - Beetle Juice - Earth Girls are Easy 
Block 9
Broken Arrow - Face Off - Be Cool 
Dangerous Minds - Batman Returns - Scarface 
High School Musical - 17 Again 
Common Movie 7
Block 7 Common Movie 
Common Movie 8
Block 8 Common Movie 
Common Movie 9
Block 9 Common Movie 
Common Movie A
Common Movie B
Common Movie C
Common Actor (A)
Common Actor Block A 
Common Actor (B)
Common Actor Block B 
Common Actor (C)
Common Actor Block C 
Common All
Common Movie to Actors A,B,C 

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