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Name the one card alphabetically between each pair.

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Altered EgoAlways Watching
Broodmate DragonBroodwarden
CapricopianCaptain Lannery Storm
Durable HandicraftDurkwood Baloth
Eldrazi TempleElectric Eel
Frogkin KidnapperFrogtosser Banneret
Goliath SpiderGomazoa
Horseshoe CrabHostile Desert
InsultIntangible Virtue
JuxtaposeJwar Isle Avenger
Kiss of the AmeshaKite Shield
Ludevic's Test SubjectLull
Mana SeismMana Short
Nut CollectorNylea, God of the Hunt
Oloro, Ageless AsceticOmen
Plaguemaw BeastPlanar Birth
QuashQueen Marchesa
Rancid RatsRanger en-Vec
Scrounging BandarScryb Ranger
Time VaultTime Warp
Updraft ElementalUphill Battle
Vizkopa VampireVodalian Arcanist
Winnower PatrolWinter Blast
Xathrid DemonXathrid Necromancer
Yomiji, Who Bars the WayYorion, Sky Nomad
Zodiac TigerZof Shade

From the Vault

Stairway to Somewhere

by beisaa

A few of these look like they might actually be stairways to heaven.
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