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Most CMV drugs cause nephrotoxicity, but cidofovir also causes this anti-immune effect
Primary prophylaxis of MAC is with (drug)
Famciclovir, a prodrug of penciclovir, inhibits
What is the preferred drug for chemoprophylaxis of H. influenzae CNS infections?
A common pharmacy board question: What is a severe side effect of Indinavir(IDV)
What is the long-term therapy of choice for cryptococcal meningitis?
Enfuvirtide has an increased risk of
T/F The preferred secondary prophylaxis of toxoplasmosis is: Pyrimethamine 25-50mg PO daily + Sulfadiazine 500-1000 mg QID + Leucovorin 10-25 mg PO daily
Cidofovir is contraindicated in CrCl less than
Acyclovir and Valacyclovir inhibit
Most common adverse event with CF inhaled therapies
If a patient cannot take Bactrim SS/DS for prophylaxis of PCP, the recommended agent is
Atazanavir(ATV) doesn't cause
One clinical manifestation fairly unique to MAC infections is
Tenofovir(Tdf) + Emtricitabine(FTC) =
Endocarditis doseof daptomycin (Xmg/kgqYh)?
Which antifungal has a ceiling dose which should not be exceeded?
Special dose of IV gent for CF (mg/kg)?
Which NRTI requires screening for HLA-B*5701
T/F Pyrazinamide is cidal vs dormant/semidormant TB?
Minimum duration of treatment for prostatitis (days)?
Ganciclovir dosing needs to be adjusted for ___ function
This class of HIV drugs is associated with the 'metabolic syndrome' effects
T/F Resistance testing of an antiretroviral regimen should be done during a 'drug holiday'
Primary prophylaxis of toxoplasmosis is indicated when CD4 is less than
Telbivudine can cause this neurologic problem
HIV patient presents with a unilateral focal lesion on frontal lobe - likely cause
Maraviroc(Selzentry) inhibits
Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors usually have to be phosphorylated 3x to be active. Which one only needs 2x
Altered taste perception is a stand-out side effect of
When changing regimens, any NNRTIs should be discontinued ___ days before the rest of the regimen to account for the long t1/2
Amantadine/Rimantadine are specific for influenza
Primary indication for valganciclovir
Itraconazole oral solution should be taken ____ food
Which has less drug interactions, telaprevir or boceprevir
Which NRTI is specifically indicated for treatment of Hepatitis B
T/F Prophylactic doses for MAC cannot be split
Before starting maraviroc therapy, a patient must have a
The most common infecting agent in complications with CF patients?
Which TB drug requires periodic tests for visual acuity?
Which NRTI can cause Fanconi's syndrome?
What should PO telaprevir be taken with
A common side effect of using interferon is (think endorphin suppression)
Foscarnet chelates divalent cations and leads to imbalances in
Telaprevir is metaoblized by this hepatic enzyme
Which azole requires renal adjustment?
What's the D.O.C. for coverage of Listeria in an elderly meningitis patient?
Oropharyngeal candidiasis is often treated with ___ suspension
Pegylated interferon is dosed __ time(s) weekly
The major (potentially fatal) side effect of ribavirin is
An AIDS pateint should be considered at great risk for opportunistic infection once CD4 counts are below
The IV form of acyclovir is strongly associated with this adverse effect
T/F If a hep-b patient fails therapy on emtricitabine you should try lamivudine
Which '-cyclovir' antiviral needs an induction dose
Which common UTI symptom is absent in pediatric patient presentation?
An AIDS patient should be treated for tuberculosis if their PPD has an induration of over ___mm
Telbivudine is great for hep-b because it can almost cure in some cases, but it can elevate
Voriconazole brand name
Y/N Aminoglycosides can be used monotherapy for CNS infections.
HIV patients should get primary prophylaxis for Pneumocystis jiroveci if their CD4 counts are less than
Enfuvirtide (T-20/Fuzeon) is availabile in what dosage form
Which UTI drug maintains therapeutics urine concentrations 48-72 hours after a single dose?
Cidofovir therapy requires pre-infusion hydration with NS and a 2g dose of ___ before and after the infusion
The big adverse effect with ganciclovir is
Treatment of choice for diabetes in CF?
Ritonavir(RTV) is associated with isolated elevation of
T/F Maraviroc has its dose halved with inhibitors and doubled with inducers of CYP3A4

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