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Can you name the musical artists from Mr. Show?

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This heavy metal band was sued over their song 'Try Suicide' and won, then wrote the song 'Try Again' (Adam's Song)
This heavy metal band made a gay party tape, then performed 'Gettin the Shaft Again' at Fire Island
This soul singer is playing a show tonight. At least he thinks it's tonight. He should really write these things down...
King of the megaphone crooners. His biggest hits were 'Automobile,' 'Elevator,' and 'Airplane.'
Polite rival of the previous answer who joined him on the Monsters of Megaphone tour. Coined the term 'Thank you.'
Rapper who lost a freestyle rap competition to the Dalai Lama
This kid's got the goods. Reached number one on the charts with 'Superstar Machine.' Emotion lotion, yeah!
Made a parody of 'Superstar Machine' called 'Sushi Bar Machine' on an album released by Who Farted? Records
This multiracial group performed 'You're Welcome,' 'We Forgive You,' and 'Better Than People' at the Mr. Show Cracker Barrel
They don't do drugs and they give out hugs. Accept no imitations. Take into account their limitations. 'I'm Fran, and I'm a woman!'
Former name of the previous answer. Kicked their crappy drummer out of the band after he lost his arm.
Genius of marching band music. His music sounds like God and the Devil interrupting each other.
Mediocre rival of the previous answer. Won the Eleventy-twelfth President's marching band competition with the blustery hoopla 'Messiah's Passion Fanfare No. 4 for Tubas and Flutes
Country star who performed 'Blew Moon' and 'Big Dumb Ape.' Don't mess around with God's America.
The only pure pop group that ever existed. Their images really took to film. They've been photographed more than Jesus Christ. (They never actually played any music though...)
One member of this band is Adolph Hepburn. Had a Breakthru Weekend with Chrysalis and performed at the Spirit Quest Bonfire.
Parody of the same real musician as the previous answer. Opened his own chain of pizza pie parlours. His real name is Larry Turnhower.
Made up of Clive and Ian Shropshire, this band released the album 'Space Age Super Suit' and took one lucky fan to the moon because record companies decided it would sell albums.
Bob wore a wire to make a bootleg of a hot rock and roll show by this band.
This former child star didn't know how to spend money, did a flamboyant dance, and performed a song at the Globo Chem corporate retreat.
Nominated for two Homage Awards for 'Eww, Girl, Eww' and 'Eww, Girl, Eww, Girl.' Nominated for a Teardrop Award for 'Goodbye 2 Every 1 Ever.'
Nominated for an Homage Award for 'Wanna Freak You in the Ass.'
Nominated for an Homage Award for 'Premium Soulsonic Megajive,' the love theme from 'Brutal Enigma.'
Nominated for a Teardrop Award for 'Mouthful of Sores.' Co-winner of a Teardrop Award for 'Ain't No Fun.'
Winner of a Teardrop Award for 'Heaven Better Save Some Tears.' Co-winner of a Teardrop Award for 'There's No More Room in Heaven.'
Performed a song in support of Ronnie Dobbs. Said 'He's guilty, yeah, but he knows it. You're guilty, you don't know it. So who's really in jail?'
Wrote 'Thank You For the Ride' for the victims of Thrill World's rollercoaster, the Devastator
Singer and two-time winner in the Philadelphia Regional Grammys. Appeared on the Emergency Psychic Hotline.
We're told this rap group performed at the All Star Salute to the Last Indian
New wave Christian rock band. 'Heavens to Betsy I've invented a praying machine!'
Wrote 'Dracula's Pajama Party' about something he experienced when he went to a graveyard to try to have sex with a corpse.
Wrote 'Halloween Shindig,' the first song ever to deal with the subject of monster parties.
Wrote 'The Wolfman's Wedding Reception,' which Dr. Retarded called the funniest song about monster parties.
Pharmacist who hands out medical marijuana. He's a musician? Well, he wrote some stuff and Kenny Loggins heard it, so, you know...
This band's Beatlesque song 'Got a Good Thing Going' played while Bob and David were chased through the streets by screaming girls.

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