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First Joyful MysteryA
Founder of the Carthusian OrderB
Vessel used to burn incenseC
Territory or churches subject to the jurisdiction of a bishopD
Most severe ecclesiastical penaltyE
One of the three Theological VirtuesF
One of the ArchangelsG
One of the Four Marks of the ChurchH
Remission of temporal punishment due to sinI
Pope who convened the Second Vatican CouncilJ
Greek for 'Lord Have Mercy'K
Another name for the Divine OfficeL
The teaching authority of the ChurchM
An ongoing prayer that lasts for 9 daysN
One of the three Evangelical CounselsO
Occurs 50 days after EasterP
Latin term for Lent (40 days)Q
First Glorious MysteryR
Liturgical vestment consisting of a band of colored clothS
Theological term for the changing of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of ChristT
A special papal address; it's Latin for 'for the city and the world'U
Eucharist administered to a person who is dyingV
One of the seven Gifts of the Holy SpiritW
Famous Jesuit missionaryX
In the 13th chapter of Matthew, Jesus compares the Kingdom of Heaven to this Y
One of the 12 Tribes of IsraelZ

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