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This type of well is an artificially created spring
Composer of The Rite of Spring
'Spring' is one of four concertos that makes up The Four Seasons by this composer
Physicist who discovered a famous physical law regarding springs
Amongst the things to which this Italian word for Spring lends itself are a pasta dish and a Boticelli painting
A spring floor is sometimes used in this sport
This toy consists of a simple helical spring and was invented by a Navy engineer in 1943
This toy consists of a stick with handles on one end and footrests and a spring on the other
The graph of position vs. time for a mass on a spring resembles this mathematical function (assuming no friction)
The Prague Spring began when this Slovak politician came into power
The Prague Spring ended when Czechoslovakia was invaded by members of this military alliance
Springtime for Hitler is a fictional play involved in the plot of this film
The Roman Goddess of Spring
This vietnamese holiday marks the beginning of Spring but most Americans know the name due to a military offensive which began the same day as the holiday
The first day of spring generally falls on March 20th or 21st and coincides with this event

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