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The database software of the Microsoft Office Suite
What does DBMS stand for?
A complete set of data
Allows you to select the entire field column.
The name of the column/field in the datasheet
File extension for Microsoft Access 2007
What creates the database and one or more tables, queries, forms, and report objects?
Describes a field's contents beyond the field's basic data type.
Displays data from tables/queries similar to a paper form.
Uniquely identifies each record in the table. It can either be a normal attribute that is guaranteed to be unique or it can be generated by Access.
Automatically adds a unique number to the primary key field for each record in the table.
Located in the upper-left corner of a data sheet and allows you to select all records and fields in a datasheet.
Located at the top half of the Design View screen
Located at the bottom half the Design View screen.
Search for a retrieve data from tables using conditions.
Automate database operations
Data entered into a field
Determines the kind of data you enter in a field.
View similar to a spreadsheet and displays data in rows and columns.
View that allows you to add, delete, and rearrange the ways fields store data.

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