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Forced Order
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Active FormPassive Form
Everyone will have completed the online course prior to the deadline.
She didn't make the sculpture
The research team presented the report
Are they planning the party right now?
The campers weren't setting up the tents when it started to rain.
The mechanic is fixing the car
The generals will be formulating strategies when the president arrives
Will the adventurers have completed the quest before it is too late?
Have Stan and Carol rented the cabin before?
Was Dad ordering dinner when Mom got home?
Mike has met them before
Does she mow the lawn every Saturday?
Will the technician be checking the equipment when inspectors show up?
The store doesn't rent bikes in the winter
The customs officers won't deny your entry
She prepares the dough every morning
Had the realtor shown the house yet?
Brian hadn't mentioned the offer before the meeting
Robins won't be digging up worms once it begins to snow
Carl was assembling the bookcase when the phone rang
Will the Smiths visit their in-laws next week?
Did John bake the cake?
Jane will drive the car
Unfortunately, the framers won't have finished the job before the rest of the material arrives
They haven't tried her recipe yet
No, Sara isn't painting the garage
They had taken care of a dog previously

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