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Notable Person (Year)FilmGrossed (Mil)
Leonardo Dicaprio (1997)$2,185
Liam Neeson (1999)$1,027
Matthew Broderick (1994)*$952
Steven Spielberg (1993)$915
Will Smith (1996)$817
Tom Hanks (1994)$677
Bruce Willis (1999)$673
Jeff Goldblum (1997)$619
Tommy Lee Jones (1997)$589
Ben Affleck (1998)$554
Arnold Schwarzenegger (1991)$520
Patrick Swayze (1990)$506
Robin Williams (1992)*$504
Bill Paxton (1996)$494
Tom Hanks (1999)*$485
Matt Damon (1998)$482
Macaulay Culkin (1990)$477
Keanu Reeves (1999)$464
Julia Roberts (1990)$463
Tom Cruise (1996)$458
Tony Goldwyn (1999)*$448
Robin Williams (1993)$441
Paige O'Hara (1991)*$441
Kevin Costner (1990)$424
Brendan Fraser (1999)$416
Notable Person (Year)FilmGrossed (Mil)
Whitney Houston (1992)$411
Kevin Costner (1991)$391
Matthew Broderick (1998)$379
Arnold Schwarzenegger (1994)$379
Cameron Diaz (1998)$370
Harrison Ford (1993)$369
Bruce Willis (1995)$366
Hugh Grant (1999)$364
Kevin Spacey (1998)*$363
Tim Allen (1995)*$362
Pierce Brosnan (1999)$362
Macaulay Culkin (1992)$359
Kevin Spacey (1999)$356
Tom Hanks (1995)$355
Sharon Stone (1992)$353
Pierce Brosnan (1995)$352
Jim Carrey (1994)$352
Sandra Bullock (1994)$350
Robert Duvall (1998)$350
Mel Gibson (1995)*$346
John Goodman (1994)$342
Val Kilmer (1995)$337
Sean Connery (1996)$335
Pierce Brosnan (1997)$333
Morgan Freeman (1995)$327

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