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Does she win when she takes her ex-husband to court?
What does Richard burn down?
Who almost beats Richard to death?
Does Richard enjoy his first day at school?
What does Richard use to cut the grass while in the foster home?
How old is Richard when the story begins?
Where did his granny live?
What state do they want to move to?
What did he use to fight the gang?
Where was he going when the gang jumped him?
With what did his mom threaten him if he returned without groceries?
Who is with Richard's father when he asks him for money?
What did Richard say the pastor was going to finish?
What did Richard not finish eating?
Where did people buy Richard drinks?
What did his father offer him?
What was the name of the caretaker at the foster home?
Who told Richard's parents that the house was on fire?
Who beat a 'black' boy (hint: not the boy's father)?
What did his granny send them in the mail?

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Tags:black, boy, richard, wright

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