Gaming Quiz / WoW Instance Bosses A-Z #2

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Back with a whole new set of bosses

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HintAnswerFirst Letter
A) The final boss of the 'Throne of the Four Winds'A
B) The final boss in the 'Blackrock Foundry'B
C) The final boss in the 'Temple of Ahn'qiraj'C
D) The final boss in the 'Forge of Souls'D
E) The storm watcher in the 'Vault of Archavon'E
F) The first boss in 'Ulduar'F
G) The mushan world boss in 'Pandaria'G
H) The 'Unclean' boss in 'Naxxramas'H
I) The final boss in the 'Black Temple'I
J) Found in 'Karazhan', and her partner is 'Romulo'J
K) The final boss in the 'Sunwell Plateau'K
L) The first boss in 'Icecrown Citadel'L
M) The final boss in the 'Culling of Stratholme'M
HintAnswerFirst Letter
N) Vazruden's mount in the 'Hellfire Ramparts'N
O) The final boss in the 'Throne of the Tides'O
P) The first boss of the 'construct' section in 'Naxxramas'P
Q) [REPEAT] The final boss in the 'Slave Pens'Q
R) One of Professor Putricide's creations in the 'Icecrown Citadel'R
S) The frostbrood queen in the 'Icecrown Citadel'S
T) An infinite dragon boss from the 'Black Morass' (Opening of the Dark Portal)T
U) The twilight general from 'Grim Batol'U
V) The corrupted member of the red dragonflight found inside the 'Blackwing Lair'V
W) The first boss in the 'Temple of the Jade Serpent'W
X) The 'Shadowfel Amalgamation' from the 'Hellfire Citadel'X
Y) The king of 'Utgarde'Y
Z) The dragonkin general from the 'Ruby Sanctum'Z

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