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HintAnswerFirst Letter
A) The blind dragon in the 'Blackwing Descent'A
B) The pit lord found in the 'Sunwell Plateau'B
C) The final boss of 'Razorfen Kraul'C
D) The 2 part final boss in 'Dragon Soul'D
E) The astral cloud serpent in the 'Mogu'shan Vaults'E
F) One of Professor Putricides creations in the 'Icecrown Citadel'F
G) The proto drake found in the 'Siege of Orgrimmar'G
H) The final boss in the 'Ruby Sanctum'H
I) The water spawn and first boss in the 'Siege of Orgrimmar'I
J) The eredar lord in the 'Trial of the Crusader'J
K) The overall final boss in 'Naxxramas'K
L) The final boss in the 'Serpentshrine Cavern'L
M) This pit lord has made an appearance in the 'Well of Eterenity' and 'Hellfire Citadel'M
HintAnswerFirst Letter
N) the void amalgamation in the 'Shadowmoon Buirial Grounds'N
O) The many eyed prisoner of 'Baradin Hold'O
P) The final boss in 'Karazhan'P
Q) The final boss in the 'Slave Pens'Q
R) The firelord from the 'Molten Core' and 'Firelands'R
S) The first boss in 'Gundrak'S
T) The final boss in the 'Shado-pan Monastery'T
U) Deathwing's final creation in 'Dragon Soul'U
V) The only boss that requires healing in the 'Icecrown Citadel'V
W) The final boss in 'The Botanica'W
X) The giant, childish mech found in the first section of 'Ulduar'X
Y) The final boss in 'Ulduar', with the title: 'The Lucid Dream'Y
Z) The void prisoner of 'The Violet Hold' Z

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