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Forced Order
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DefinitionGreek TermWord Bank
foreigner; doesn't speek Greekxenia
honor and respectagothos and agathas
the 'best'basileus
hired workers who provided oikos laborethnos
title given to a king; chieftainagoge
Greek battle formationaristoi
the eldersboule
a 'guest-friendship'barbaros
arrangement where citizen hostest foreign ambassadorhoi agathoi
the entire family or 'house'hoi kakoi
amalgamation of villages and small townstime
good peoplesyssition
Spartan training regiminehoplites
youth about to enter full citizenshi[ (18-20)kleros
ancestral plot of farmlandthetes
DefinitionGreek TermWord Bank
citizen soldierskouros
statues (male)synoecism
statues (females)kleros
communal areaproxeny
enslaved ag laborersephebes
bad or evil peoplegerousia
citizens of spartaperioikoi
secret Spartan trainingkrypteia
land allotted to citizenshelots
council presiding over Sparta; eldersephors
(5) performed various tasks for the kingshomoimoi
weren't citizens but were freephalanx
Spartan 'dining club'kore

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