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We're the _____ pumping through your speakers.
Dance, dance, we're ______ apart to half time.
Drink down that gin and ______
Honey is for bees, silly ____
I want to make you as _____ as me.
This is ____ one, flip me over.
Style your way though _____ magazines.
A _______ of tears on your lashes.
I'd shoot the ______ into my veins.
Alpha dog and oh oh _____________
Mothers cast ____ on both sides of the aisle
It feels like ______ carats but no clarity
It's _____ drinks too late to talk to anyone but myself
Landing on a runway in _______ and I'm grounding all my dreams
Like old ________ sniffing model glue again
Now we're doomed to organizing walk-in closets like ______
Coming in unannounced, drag my ____ on the tile
_____ and I attacked the laws of Astoria
And the _____ are just kids who didn't make it
As alone as a little white ______ in the middle of the desert getting burned.

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