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Do these facts apply to Andy, Joe, Patrick or Pete?

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FactAndy, Joe, Partick or Pete?
Released a solo album titled 'soul punk'
Joined the band most recently
Formed the group 'Black Cards' during the hiatus
Was born on April 27th, 1984
Is vegan straight edge
Middle name is 'Mark'
Has a signature white guitar
Was born on May 31st, 1980
Guest-starred as a lab technician on the TV show 'house'
His first instrument was the saxophone
FactAndy, Joe, Partick or Pete?
Formed the duo 'with knives' with Josh Newton during the hiatus
Attended high school with Pete
Was born on June 5th, 1979
Met Patrick in a Borders bookstore
Describes himself as a 'part time pizza aficionado'
Was born on September 1st, 1984
Has appeared as an advisor on 'the voice'
Made a short video called 'Bedussey' with Patrick
Identifies as an anarcho-primitivist
Founded a clothing company called 'Clandestine Industries'

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