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CharacterExtra Facts!
 Alianne's sixteen-year-old twin brother, a third-year page
 the King's Champion, lady knight
 daughter of Alanna the Lioness and George, baron of Pirate's Swoop
 herding dog
 disgraced luarin nobleman
 living Archaeopteryx (dinosaur bird) skeleton
 non-royal luarin prince of the Copper Isles
 former commander of the Queen's Riders
 free raka servant and head cook for the Balitangs
 Aly's chesnut mare
 baron of Tortall
 half-goddess, called the Wildmage for her skills with animals, Aly's adoptive aunt
 Alanna's horse
 last raka queen of the Copper Isles
 Mequen's half-raka daughter from first marriage
 King Oron's youngest child, son of third marriage, heir to Hazarin
 Visda's brother, Tanair herdboy, raka
 Aly's grandmother
 Mequen's second full-luarin child with Winnamine
 part-raka bowyer at Tanair
 raka man-at-arms who protects Sarai and Dove
 heir to fief Naxen, King Jonathan's principal advisor
 Alanna's husband and Aly's father, baron and second-in-command of his realm's spies
 herding dog
 trickster and primary goddess of Carthak, Kyprioth's kinswoman
CharacterExtra Facts!
 part-raka merchant, caravan leader
 son of King Oron's second marriage
 part-raka kitchen slave and royal spy
 King Oron's half brother
 wealthy raka merchant family
 King Oron's half sister
 second-to-last raka queen
 lord, knight-master to Prince Roald
 former luarin nursemaid to Petranne and Elsren
 king of Tortall
 raka daughter of Ulasim, Aly's guard
 emperor of Carthak
 called Kel, lady knight
 trickster god
 Tortallan spy in Scanra
 raka hostler for the Balitangs
 second-in-command of the luarin invasion of the Copper Isles
 Scanran king and warlord
 housekeeper and healer at Pirate's Swoop
 exiled luarin duke, head of the Balitang family
 training master of the Queen's Riders
 Aly's grandfather, head of royal intelligence services (spies)
 crow who turned himself into a man
 powerful mage, Daine's husband
 Duke Mequen's luarin aunt
CharacterExtra Facts!
 raka mage and mother of Ulasim
 horsemistress to the Queen's Riders
 mentally-ill king of the Copper Isles
 part-raka, slave of the Balitang family
 Mequen's first child with Winnamine
 Pohon resident, watches Ochobu's house
 lord, Knight Commander of the King's Own, Tortallan hero, known as the Giant Killer
 raka healer
 baroness of Trebond
 leader of luarin invasion
 luarin husband of Princess Imajane, Bronau's older brother
 Mequen's oldest daughter, half-raka from his first marriage
 Daine's mother, now the minor goddess The Green Lady
 Mequen's first wife, raka, mother of Dove and Sarai, died in a tragic riding accident
 Queen of Tortall, co-ruler with her husband, King Jonathan
 Aly's eighteen-year-old brother, a student mage
 miller's daughter at Tanair
 widowed luarin nobelwoman
 free raka servant and head footman to the Balitangs
 luarin sergeant in command of the Balitang men-at-arms
 raka niece of Chenaol, goat herder
 exiled duchess, Mequen's second wife
 lord, district commander of Tortall's army in the north
 royal council member, enemy of Rubinyan

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