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Can you name the Before and After III?

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Before (hint)AnswerAfter (hint)
Beatles song that was covered for the theme to 'The Wonder Years' [Shakepeare's version of] Mark Antony's eulogy for Julius Caesar starts...
Queen songGeorge Gershwin's piano and jazz concerto
Bobby McFarrin urges you to...The beginning of Anna Karenina
J.D. Salinger's coming of age novelWorks well for pastrami sandwiches
Ralph Ellison's novelMusical based on Don Quixote
Moody Blues songAccording to 'My Favorite Things,' Maria loves 'Girls in White Dresses with Blue __________'
Pi, rounded to the hundrethHow Lincoln opened the Gettysburg Address
The most prestigious award in collegiate footballThe young blonde woman married to the old rich geezer
Three steps of what to do if you're on fireLudacris song that asks, 'What in the world is in that bag?'
He wants to ask the wizard for a brainWrinkles in the corners of your eyes

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