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what is the most basic area formula?
A small square is located inside a bigger square. The length of one side of the small square is 3 inches and the length of one side of the big square is 7 inches What is the area o
what is the corresponding letter for the hypotenuse in Pythagorean theorem?
Two ships leave port at the same time. Ship X is heading due north and Ship Y is heading due east. Ten hours later they are 500 miles apart. If the Ship X had traveled 400 miles f
What was your answer to question 3 under pythagorean theorm?
John leaves school to go home. He walks 6 blocks North and then 8 blocks west. How far is John from the school?
Find the distance between (2,3) and (7,10)?
A 13 feet ladder is placed 5 feet away from a wall. The distance from the ground straight up to the top of the wall is 13 feet Will the ladder the top of the wall?
Find C in A^2+b^2=C^2?
A classroom has a length of 20 feet and a width of 30 feet. The headmaster decided that tiles will look good in that class. If each tile has a length of 24 inches and a width of 36
3, 4 and what is the most famous right triangle?

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