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A: What is the name of the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher in the seventh book?
B: What horrible creatures does Hagrid introduce in the fourth book?
C: What is Cho's surname?
D: What does Proffesor Trelawney teach?
E: What is the name of the person who writes about Dumbledore in the seventh book and is part of the Order of the Phoenix?
F: Gabrielle's sister.
G: Harry's solution to the second task in the fourth book.
H: Buckbeak's breed.
I: Spell to slow something down.
J: Fred and George's friend's surname.
K: _____ Shacklebolt, member of the ministry.
L: Draco's father.
M: Hermione's polyjuice potion's hair is from this person's cat.
N: Voldemort's snake.
O: Tests taken at the end of the fifth year.
P: Madam Pomfrey's first name.
Q: The magazine written by the lovegoods.
R: Tom Marvolo's last name.
S: Spell invented by Snape.
T: Neville's toad's name.
U: Dolores' last name.
V: ______ Krum.
W: Feint performed by the person above.
X is the third letter of Olympe's last name.
Y: Death eater in the seventh book who causes Ron's splinching.
Z: Joke shop in hogsmeade.

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