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QUIZ: Can you name the Christine Feehan Novels?

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Mikhail and Raven
Jacques and Shea
Aidan and Alexandria
Gregori and Savannah
Julian and Desari
Darius and Tempest
Falcon and Sara
Gabriel and Francesca
Lucian and Jaxon
Byron and Antonietta
Traian and Joie
Dayan and Corrine
Nicolae and Destiny
Riordan and Juliette
Rafael and Colby
Vikirnoff and Natalya
Manolito and MaryAnn
Nicolas and Lara
Ivory and Razvan
Dominic and Solange
Zacarias and Marguarita
Danutdaxton and Riley
Fenris and Tatijana
Skyler and Dimitri
Zev and Branislava
Blaze and Maksim
Andre and Teagan
Gary and Gabrielle
Tariq and Charlotte

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