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Where did Bill and Tom live when they were kids?
What was Tokio Hotel's very first name?
When did they have their breakthrough with Durch den Monsun?
How many tattoos does Gustav have?
What year were the twins born?
Who is the oldest?
What is Gustav's last name?
What is Bill's favourite movie?
How old was Bill when he wrote 'Leb die Sekunde'/'Live Every Second'?
How many tattoos does Tom have?
Where did the boys start playing together (city)?
Which song did they record in Japanese?
What is the name of the twins' step-father?
What was the name of their band at the beginning of their career?
When did Gustav start drumming?
What is Bill and Tom's natural hair color?
How many piercings does Tom have (earrings excluded)?
When did Bill have his operation?
Tom's celebrity crush?
What do the twins not eat anymore?
What is Tom's favourite US show?
Do the twins have middle names?
How many tattoos does Bill have?
What did Bill most recently get pierced?
Who is (according to them) the worst driver?
Who is Bill's favourite German singer?
What is Bill allergic to?
Who is the new face of Reebok?
How many pairs of shoes does Tom buy per week?
What did Georg want to be if not a bassist?
What tattoo does Bill have on his hip?
Where do Bill and Tom want to celebrate their 21st birthday?
What are Georg's middle names?
What is the twins' favourite vacation spot?
Where do the boys live when they're in Germany?
Who designed Bill's stage outfits for the 'Welcome to Humanoid City' tour?
A German rapper Bill and Tom are good friends with?
Who has a tongue piercing?
What magazine did Bill and Tom do a photoshoot for?
Where did they start the 'Welcome to Humanoid City' tour?

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