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Which school does the characters go at?
Who is the main character in season 1?
Who is the main character in season 2?
Who is the main character in season 3?
What is the name of Eva's (ex)boyfriend?
What is the name of the naive blonde girl?
What is the name of Noora's boyfriend?
And what is his best friend's name?
And what is the name of the 'group', that William is apart of?
Who has a crush on Isak?
Who does Isak make out with in the start of the season?
And who does he end up dating?
Which had a girlfriend named?
What is the name of the muslim?
What is the name of the guy, that Noora lives with?
And what is the girl's name?
Who tells Jonas, that Eva cheated?
Who does Noora 'cheat' with?
Who is the first Isak comes out to?
Who does Vilde end up kissing with in season 3?
Which song does Even and Isak dance to in the kitchen?
Which phobia does Even suffer from?
What does Noora and William drink on their first date?
Which shade of lipstick does Noora wear?
What is Eva dressed as at the Halloween party?
In which season does Eva and Noora find out that Isak is gay?
In which country is Skam made?
What does Eva write to Noora for the first time?
What does William smash in the head of a Yakuza-guy?
Where does Even and Isak's first kiss take place?
What does Even always leave for Isak?
What song is playing, when Noora and William have their first kiss?
What is the instagram-name for the girl, that harasses Sana?
What coursed William's little sister's death?
What is Isak dressed as, the night Even and Isak kisses?
What does Noora call William to annoy him?
In which country has Noora also lived?
What does Even and Isak eat at the hotel?
Who does Eva have a conflict with?
What group does Vilde stand for?
Who does Isak refer Emma to?
Where is Noora and William in season 3?
Which spice does Even and Isak use on their toast?
Who says 'I love you' first? Even or Isak?

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