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butler serves the queens dog, woof woof
unsociable highschooler and demon girl collect loose souls
guy with umbrella thinks he's mary poppins
pink alien girl makes loads of machines
dead people fighting an enemy named angel
main character becomes overpowered within four episodes
girl falls in well, dog-demon is a douche (sometimes)
detective team take on random jobs, basically anime sherlock
girl falls off cliff, sews her stomach back up
uses epic one time per person eye powers
full of fangirls and irony
red haired guy likes girl and steals stuff
people fight other demons with phone demons
evil book of death
guy meets fox girl, fox girl loves him
city boy has lovesick stalker, then she dies, lol no
wants to kill his father, for killing his father O.o
first season suck, seconds awesome, makes you cry
new girl joins school and is magical
multiple arcs of people dying
people turn into weapons and eat souls
a vampire, succubus, witch and human walk into a school
president stupid, vice president intelligent and cross-dresser joins + trolls
oda nobunaga goes in spherical object and gives girl powers
guy falls in love with girl, girl is boy, oh well
weakling guy gets excited (blood boils illustrated in anime), activate awesome powers
girl's an otaku, family doesn't know, brother finds out...incest
middle schoolers lay eggs
young BLUE haired otaku and friends talk about food
terrible ballerina loves prince, turns into a duck

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