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Can you name the next five words in Once More With Feeling?

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Walk Through the Fire
Buffy's laughing, 
I've no doubt 
I hope she fries! 
I'm free 
If that bitch dies!... 
Wish I could 
Play the father 
And take you by the hand 
Wish I could stay 
But now I understand... 
What You Feel
You call me 
And I come a-runnin' 
I turn the music on 
I bring the fun in 
Now we're partyin' 
The Parking Ticket
Come on won't you 
Put that pad away? 
I'm asking you, please, no! 
It isn't right, 
It isn't fair 
Rest In Peace
There's a traitor here 
Beneath my breast 
And it hurts me more 
Than you've ever guessed 
If my heart could beat, 
Walk Through the Fire
And it freezes me 
I look into it and it's black 
Why can't I feel? 
My skin should 
Crack and peel 
What You Feel
No, you see 
You and me 
Wouldn't be very regal 
What I mean 
I'm fifteen 
Rest In Peace
And bury it 
In a hole six foot deep 
I can lay my body down 
But I can't find 
My sweet release 
I'll Never Tell
You're the 
Cutest of the Scoobies 
With your lips 
As red as rubies 
And your 
Under Your Spell
I'm under your spell 
Surging like the sea 
Pulled to you so helplessly 
I break with every swell 
Lost in ecstasy 
Going Through The Motions
And kind of righteous 
Now I find I'm wavering 
Crawl out of your grave 
You find this fight just 
Doesn't mean a thing 
Something To Sing About
We open up our hearts 
It's all right 
If some things 
Come out wrong 
We'll sing a happy song 
What You Feel (Reprise)
All those secrets 
You've been concealing 
Say you're happy now 
Once more, with feeling 
Now I gotta run 
Where Do We Go From Here?
Why is the path unclear 
When we know home 
Is near? 
Understand we'll go  
Hand in hand, but 
Something To Sing About
Life's a song 
You don't get 
To rehearse 
And every single verse 
I'll Never Tell
The vibe gets kind of scary 
Like she thinks I'm ordinary 
Like it's all just temporary 
Like her toes 
Are kind of hairy 

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