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Can you name the next five words from the Flight of the Conchords song?

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The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)
At my mate's place 
How did Dave 
Get a hottie like 
That to a party like this? 
Good one Dave!!! 
We're Both In Love With A Sexy Lady
The girl that's fly 
With a wonky eye 
She's smoking with 
An eye that's broken, 
I think it's hot the way 
Rambling Through The Avenues Of Time
The girl I described, 
She's as real as the wind 
It's true I saw her today 
The other details 
Are inventions because 
You Don't Have To Be A Prostitute
Beneath the street light,  
There's a man 
Whose pants are too tight 
Oh no, 
His pants are too tight 
I'm Not Crying
There's an inflammation 
In my tear gland 
I'm not upset because 
You left me this way 
My eyes are 
If You're Into It
Well, you could 
Bring your roommate 
I don't know if 
Stu is keen to 
But if you want 
Business Time
It's business time. 
You know when I'm 
Down to my socks 
It's time for business 
That's why  
A Kiss Is Not A Contract
It's very very nice 
Just because we've been 
Playing tonsil hockey 
Doesn't mean you 
Get to score the 
Cheer Up Murray
You've got a wife 
Though she comes and goes 
Some people don't 
Return your calls 
They don't return your calls 
We made it… 
Hurray, we made it. 
Yo Frodo, what you doin' 
Wearing the ring? 
All powerful jewelry, 
Hurt Feelings
I was shopping for a wetsuit 
To scuba dive 
But every suit I tried 
Is too big around the thighs, 
And the assistant suggested 
Demon Woman
Demon woman, 
Woman demon 
Demon woman 
You sit on a rock 
Looking nice in your frock 
Too Many Dicks (OTDF)
Too close to my s*** 
Too hard to meet chicks 
I need better odds,  
More broads less rods 
I came to do battle, 
Carol Brown
Never ever see me again 
When I saw her again,  
She said it again 
Jan met another man 
Lisa got amnesia, 
Albi, The Racist Dragon
Chased me 
Into this scary cave 
I think it's because 
I'm so racist. 
Get your hand off my 
Do you remember  
What you said to me? 
Not word for word, 
Actually Jenny, 
But I 

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