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Can you name the teen idols with the bad reputations??

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these girls just want to have fun... wit
was cute... then shaved her head and was looked into by child protection services
annoying voice? check. no talent? check. being dumb enough to be taped while hitting the bong? yup.
she recently went to rehab, punched a friend in the face, may or may not be addicted to drugs and sex... but her greatest offense? dating a jonas brother
this teen idol doesn't seem to get it. when your nudes get 'accidentally' released the first time, don't take any more.
this self-proclaimed bad girl like to run her mouth and talk about her love of her vibrator, porn stars, and being, like, totally rock n roll. oh yeah, she's not even legal yet.
patron saint of partying. she's had a successful career (in the beginning), been arrested and thrown in jail, and played for both teams (if you know what i mean) ... and she's only
she's famous for being famous. well, that and for her big ass starring in a sex tape with a subpar 'rapper'
former bff of the former. this girl is synonymous with partying and whoring. she's been to jail, lived among the poor, and has single-handedly kept the teacup dog industry in busin
hosted her own show on E! that pretty much just involved her getting wasted and falling over herself. she's also famous for her horrible plastic surgery
these girls just want to have fun... wit
not really a bad girl. just a dumb girl who once asked the infamous question, 'is it chicken or tuna?'
she's been an inspiration for a taylor swift song where it claims that she sleeps around and steals boys
was arrested for beating up her husband (for, like, a day) dennis rodman. also successful in the strip tease workout market
famous for having tons of plastic surgery in one day; used to be the cute sidekick on a 'reality' show on MTV
they tried to make her go to rehab but she said 'no, no, no'
before homegirl got down 'n drrrty, she was just a 'genie in a bottle'
not a great actress, but she was on a popular teen drama tv show... back in 2004. when she was skinny.

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