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Can you name the NCIS characters who said the Season 4 Quotes?

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Forced Order
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Danger, intrigue, a damsel in distress. I'm actually looking forward to it. Shalom
Just when I was getting used to my door being treated like a door. Escaped
It must be that damn mustache. Singled Out
You've got egg on your shirt.Faking It
That Master's in Psych is starting to pay off, Ducky.Dead and Unburied
Oh, please. It's not that impressive. It's not as if they were *real* ninjas.Witch Hunt
'Not worth dying over.'-I'll remember that.Sandblast
Stop eating the evidence!Once a Hero
If you always do what you've always done, then you'll always get what you always got.Twisted Sister
You've got that moustache in a box, don't you?Smoked
Uh, what if, part of your job includes, touching naked people and...Driven
I'm not pregnant.Suspicion
Never question the gut.Sharif Returns
This is going to be like looking for a needle in a needle stack.Blowback
I don't know where your SIG is, but I'm having trouble walking.Friends & Lovers
This is my forth cup of the day!Dead Man Walking
She seems very un-Abby.Skeletons
Tardiness is my middle name. In fact, it's expected of me. You, on the other hand, have become the poster girl for punctuality.Iceman
I wonder what Gibbs would do if I slapped her.Grace Period
McGee, you look like you've seen a goat.Cover Story
Ever seen anybody walk that fast in heels?Brothers in Arms
And we have come to believe that it was Colonel Mustard in the conservatory with a wrench.In the Dark
I take it walking in my heels has presented a challenge.Trojan Horse
First... A toast...Angel of Death

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