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Can you name the NCIS character who said the Season 2 Quotes?

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Forced Order
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Relax. You think Gibbs keeps that haircut to save on shampoo?See No Evil
So am I. When I...chain guys up.The Good Wives Club
Uh, the bite's actually much worse.Vanished
You know, Ducky, someday one of them will talk back.Lt. Jane Doe
No brothers, no uncles, my father passed years ago. I do have three ex-wives, whose names and addresses I will gladly fax on to you. Booh, he hung up.The Bone Yard
Umm... machine making pretty pictures now?Terminal Leave
I put out an APB. Airports. Train stations. Taxicabs. of Silence
Stop playing with my equipment!Heart Break
This guy is cleaner than clean, whiter than white. If you put him in a line up with snow, snow is going to jail.Forced Entry
Do I seem like the kind of guy who would drive a squishy little car?Chained
Your ears are broken.Black Water
It's more addictive than pistachios... Well, have you ever just eaten one pistachio?Doppelgänger
One can always tell a woman's intentions from her panties.The Meat Puzzle
There are so many things I could say to you right now...Witness
At least I don't hang out with married people, Kate.Caught on Tape
Just chronicling this little conversation for our next session with Ducky.Pop Life
I know more about your sex life than I do about my own, Tony.An Eye for an Eye
Well, she was pregnant, McGee. There's only one way that can happen.Bikini Wax
I got better.Conspiracy Theory
You're blowing in my ear, Mr PalmerRed Cell
Oh, Jethro, I can spend forever finding nothing.Hometown Hero
Sorry, Caitlin.Twilight

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