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Can you name the characters who said the NCIS Season 1 Quotes?

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'You dudes in the Secret Service ever think about throwing yourselves in front of the president's diet?'Yankee White
'Do I look like a lawyer?' Hung Out to Dry
'You mean they actually train you guys how to harass'Seadogs
'When you're a computer geek invading dungeons and fighting ogres, 'Jethro' doesn't cut it.'The Immortals
'A girl likes to be thought of first'The Curse
'Go over everything and I mean everything. Above his mattress, below his mattress, inside his mattress. If there is such a thing as a forth mattress dimension, go over that too.'High Seas
'Hydrating's good for you. Go on, un-hydrate.'Sub Rosa
'My cursor has moved across places that would make Tony blush.'Minimum Security
'Do you people find me...boring?'Marine Down
'What is it with the Germans and the alphabet thing? BMW, BMG, BASF - and they're all B's.'Left for Dead
'With the exception of finding a decent barber, Gibbs can do pretty much anything he says he can.'Eye Spy
'What good's it being an armed Federal Agent, if you can't drive fast?'My Other Left Foot
'It's amazing what you can do when you don't have to pay three alimonies.'One Shot, One Kill
'Ooh! Gibbs! Didn't your Momma teach you not to sneak up on people?'The Good Samaritan
'Do all Marines build boats?'Enigma
'I can't wait to weigh your liver.'BĂȘte Noir
'Does Tony know that YOU know?'The Truth Is Out There
'Uh, by the way, there's something that Tony and Kate have been meaning to ask you.'UnSEALeD
'Speaking of way beyond hinky.'Dead Man Talking
'Forget about it, McGee. He's still alive.'Missing
'Don't be silly, ATF lady.'Split Decision
'Your track record for the truth is unimpressive.'A Weak Link
'It's a motorcycle. A bike is something one pedals.'Reveille

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